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How to start playing poker.

  1. Consider whether you should start

Poker is an interesting, intellectual, but gambling game. This hobby is suitable not for everyone, but for people who have a tendency to ludomania (gambling addiction), poker is completely contraindicated.

For decades, poker professionals have said that “golden times” are over, but perhaps now they are closer to the truth than ever before. Easy money in poker has become much less, so counting on a simple and quick profit would be very rash. Only a small percentage of players earn on a regular basis.

At the same time, poker as a hobby is a good option, with the help of this game you can have fun with friends or kill some free hours alone while playing online. In recent years, poker tourism has come into vogue, when participation in a tournament is combined with visiting some exotic places and recreation.

In short: If you are prone to ludomania, do not play poker. There is little easy money in poker, very few people make money on a regular basis.

  1. Learn poker rules, but don’t overdo it.

First of all, decide on a game that you will learn to play. There are a huge number of varieties of poker: in one of the World Series of Poker tournaments (the so-called poker world championship), participants compete in a double mix of 19 types of games, and this is far from the limit.

At the same time on television and in advertising you can see only one game – no-limit Texas Hold’em. This is the most telegenic type; Two-time world champion Doyle Brunson once called him “poker cadillac.” With him, and it is worth starting. You can find rules on thousands of online sites, including on game resources, where a special section is usually devoted to their description. However, the rules of the game are perceived best in practice, so you shouldn’t go too deeply into learning the theory, proceed to the game.

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In short: Start with Texas Hold’em No Limit, the most popular type of poker. Do not get too carried away to learn the rules, start playing.

  1. Find a site for the game and register.

Beginners should start with the game on the Internet – it is easier and cheaper. Many current poker stars started with the so-called freerolls – tournaments without contributions, but with cash prizes (most often symbolic, but there are also pleasant exceptions); Yes, and contributions to paid online tournaments start with a few cents or rubles.

The search for the site is now somewhat difficult: the largest poker portals are fighting against Roskomnadzor or its counterparts in other jurisdictions. So for registration you may need to use another instruction “Medusa”. Almost any large resource offers visitors to download the client program – after you download it, you will not have to bypass the lock.

It is better to play on large sites – there are always a lot of people there and you can choose a game that is suitable for the level of stakes. In addition, on such sites you can not be particularly afraid of suffering from fraudsters, and the procedure for the input-output of money is very simple.

The largest online poker site is PokerStars, accounting for about 70 percent of all poker traffic.

There are resources focused on the Russian-speaking audience. For example, on the PokerDom website you will play with compatriots or the closest geographic neighbors, and the game will go for rubles.

In short: Start playing on the Internet. It is inexpensive or even free. Download the poker software. All sites, including the largest PokerStars, are blocked in Russia – learn to bypass the blocking.

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