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Is it possible to make a living playing poker

We often hear stories of poker players who have become extremely wealthy, but can this game really become a profession and a major source of income and what needs to be considered when deciding to devote some part of life to poker …

This question was asked on the resource Quora and received a lot of feedback in the form of personal stories of players. We decided to publish the story that has become the most popular among the 16 published ones, because from it you can learn a lot of useful information about poker as a profession.

Answers professional poker player Michael Shinzaki.

Playing poker is like a roller coaster

I have been playing poker professionally for about 7 years. Of course, this is not the only thing I’ve been doing all these years. During this time I received a bachelor’s degree, visited 45 countries, worked on my book, advised several online startups, but poker has always been the main source of income. At that time, I experienced many ups and downs, both materially and morally. Poker helped me in a fairly short time to get a huge life experience, including completely impractical moments for a 20-year-old guy.
When money starts to pour in, everything seems possible

Poker pros

Money – a very small percentage of players earn substantial money (enough to make them world-famous professionals), and in modern games it is almost impossible to get rich. Your possibilities are rather limited in comparison with other professions, but with the help of poker you can ensure a comfortable existence.

Autonomy – only you decide when, how and where you play. At the end of the day you are only responsible to yourself. For the majority, the absence of a structure can be a disaster, but for self-confident and goal-oriented people this way expands opportunities and rights.

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Flexibility – play when you want it. Sometimes when things are going well, I can play for several days in a row. If I have no luck or simply no inspiration, I can safely leave the game and, for example, fly off to another country for the weekend.

Challenge – you play to live, which in itself is amazing. I was very passionate about poker and loved its competitive component. Many successful people talk about the need to love their job, and with poker it was true. I rarely felt poker work.

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