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Texas Hold’em Poker Starting Hands

In previous poker lessons, we looked at ranking poker combinations. If you do not remember or did not understand, then go back and study them again. After all, this is the basics of poker. You can also sign up for a free training course Academy Win Strategy, where a professional coach will help you understand all the intricacies of the game. And after reading this article, you will expand your knowledge of poker. We’ll talk about starting hands in poker, and find out the algorithm of actions preflop: which cards to play, and which cards to fold.

There are 169 starting two-card combinations.

The best starting hands in hold’em

The value of the initial cards depends largely on the structure of rates and other factors. It is impossible to say with absolute certainty that one or another initial combination of two cards will eventually be better or worse than the other. It is impossible to predict victory, and this is the appeal of poker. Although good quality player training also plays a role. Being engaged independently or being trained at our Academy Win Strategy lessons, it is important to constantly improve your game. Most players agree that it is best to enter the game with premium hands – a pair of kings and aces.

Group 1: AA, KK

Here are the best among the starting hands in poker, “monster hands”. This will confirm any table. Infrequently you will come across such a combination. According to statistics, the player gets a pair of aces or kings once in 110 hands. Why are these combinations recognized as the best? If you have read previous lessons, you do not need an explanation.

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However, even aces or kings can be beaten. The more opponents you have, the less chance of winning even with such cards. This means that you should maximize your bets preflop to weed out some players. You should be especially careful with the kings: if an ace falls on the flop, anyone who has another ace will easily beat you.

Anyway, aces and kings are by far the most successful pocket cards.

Group 2: QQ, JJ, AK

Ladies and Jacks are good starting cards. Of course, they are lower in worth than aces and kings, but they are better than all the other possible starting cards. Of course, you may encounter a player holding a pair of aces or kings, but this will happen, as we have said, infrequently. Enter the game with confidence and do not be afraid to take risks.

or the so-called Bigslik is often referred to as “monster hands”. The king and the ace of the same suit in poker are called Super Bigger. Unlike a pair, these cards themselves are not a combination, but they carry great potential. An ace with a king (suited or unsuited) dominates so many other combinations of type,, and so on.

Group 3: TT, AK, AQ, AJ, KQ

The next group of start cards is also quite strong. With these cards you can also bet preflop. We have already talked about strength, but the initial ones are also very strong and often face weaker ace combinations. Even though you will win preflop most of the time, you must be careful with the hand.

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