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The most popular online Poker games for free and for money

When somebody starts speaking about online Poker, most players, who know this game, start a discussion around Texas Hold’em. Although Hold’em is a true Poker classic, there are many no less interesting Poker variants to try, love, play them and win.

Moreover, the best online Poker real money games that are played during tournaments make top gamblers famous and bring them the greatest profits.

The range of online Poker games

If a player knows at least one Poker game variant, sooner or later, but he will always try other online Poker variants. Here are the most interesting of them.

Texas Hold’em

Hold’em Poker online uses the rules that work almost for all other types of Poker (especially when it comes to the cards’ values and their combination). Here, each player gets two cards at the beginning. Five cards are dealt face up so they can be seen by each player. Depending on the arrangement in relation to the dealer, individual players have to pay one blind.

With each round a player gets another card, so he ends up with five cards hand. Depending on the round, a gambler can decide whether to check and continue playing, to increase the stake or end the game. The last variant can be especially necessary if he has no decent cards in hand. Another feature of Hold’em Poker is All In. All in is used when a gambler does not have enough chips to use. Basically, Hold’em Poker has a lot of strategies.

Three Card Poker

This is an exciting variant of Poker online game that is played with only three cards. The possibilities to win are different here. The game is fast and easy, but extremely exciting. The special feature is that the gambler plays against the house and not against other players.

There is an option called the Pair plus bet or International Pair plus pet where players can win up to 100 to 1 with just a pair or more. There’s also a 6 Card Bonus bet, which gives a player more chances, even if he hits only three cards of the dealer.

Omaha Poker

Here, players must make their hand with the five cards from the two starting cards and the three community cards, no more and no less. The most important words to know when playing this game are:

  • The Flop (the second online Poker round);
  • The Turn (the 3rd round);
  • The River (the 4th, last round);
  • The show-down (the moment when all players reveal their cards open).

Caribbean Stud

Within this game, the gambler plays alone against the casino, and bluff does not work. Before the start of the game, players must make their minimum bet in the ante box. They are free to place additional side bets on the progressive jackpot. All a player has to do is toss a chip into the appropriate slot.

After the bets have been placed, the dealer deals five cards each to the players and to him also. Then, each one decides whether to fold or bet. For a fee equal to the ante, a card can also be exchanged with the dealer. The game is decided by the dealer when his hand is better than the player’s. Usually, Stud online Poker tournaments are held in Poker rooms and casinos, and they reveal the best players of the month and the year.

The best casinos for Poker players

Today, the most popular online casino to play this game is 888 Poker room. Nevertheless, almost all top-rated casinos have live or Video Poker variants as well as slots. Here is the list of the best casinos that offer to play Poker online free in 2019:

  • Poker Stars;
  • Unibet Poker;
  • William Hill casino;
  • Heart of Vegas, etc.

Besides, different Poker apps can be downloaded from Google Play and played for free on Android. The iOS devices owners can also find their Poker applications on the Apple Store.

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