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The main rules of Poker on the Hold’em example

A bunch of professional cards players and amateurs have heard about prestigious WSOP, the series of Poker tournaments that take place in Rio Casino located in Nevada, Vegas. The total prize sum (for the winners to be shared) is 225 million dollars. Poker world champions take part in the so-called Main Event payment fee of 10 thousand USD.

The winner gets much more — besides money, he becomes the #1 Poker player in the world. Thus, gamblers, who are dreaming about taking part in this event, are supposed to know World Series of Poker rules that are explained on the official site of WSOP. Naturally, each player needs to know the rules of Poker in general and all the terms referring to this card game like “hand”, “flop”, “bluff”, etc. as well.

Rules of Poker for the beginners

In this game, Robert’s Rules of Poker are used almost everywhere. They state that after the last bet was called, players reveal their cards, starting from the aggressor who made the last raise and ending with the player who answered last to raise. All pocket cards must be shown. As a rule, in Poker rooms and casinos, gamblers players usually following Texas Hold ’em, Five and Seven Card Stud and Omaha rules of Poker.

Currently, Hold’em is the most popular version of Poker in the world. If a newbie is going to become a genius gambler, he needs to start with this game. The WSOP rules of Poker in detail are described on the WSOP official site, but to start with, it is needed to remember some important things about this game.

Texas Hold’em: how to play Here, the players are supposed to make the best hand (5 cards). The “hand” is the cards that a player has. In this Poker variant, each player gets 2 cards that are closed and 5 open cards (called “community) open on the table. The latter 5 cards are always dealt with in 3 levels called Flop, Turn, and River. In different variations, the value of the Poker hand is set accurately, so that one can easily determine the winner. However, sometimes a player does not need a better hand to win a round of the game.

The Texas Hold’em game round can end in three ways:

  • All opponents get off. This end is more common in Texas Hold’em.
  • All-In. According to the rules of Poker, when a player goes all-in, he puts all of his remaining chips in the middle. If an opponent calls and there is no chance for bets, calls and raises, the two hidden cards of the players involved are immediately revealed and then the remaining community cards are placed in the middle.
  • Showdown. If there are at least two players in the game until the last turn and all bets are balanced, the players’ hands are dealt face up and the best hand wins.

Poker hands

Once the player has learned the Hold’em rules of Poker, he needs to remember the value of his hands.

High Card

If a player does not score another rating, the highest card is counted. The cards compared and the highest one wins.


These are 2 cards of the same value (for instance, 10+10).

Two Pair

The player has two cards each with the same value, for example, two 8s and two Queens.

Three of a kind

Everything is simple here — 3 same-valued cards, for instance, 3 Jacks.


These are 5 cards in consequence: as 9-10-J-Q-K, for example. The cards’ color does not matter.


These are 5 cards of the same color.

Full House

This is a combination when one has a Pair+ Three of a kind.

4 of a kind

According to the World Series of Poker rules, it is also called Poker, and this is a 4 similar cards combination.

Straight Flush

This is Straight but all cards have the same color.

Royal Flush

This is the highest hand. To get is, a player needs the Straight from 10 to Ace, and the suit of the cards must be also the same.

Although the rules of Poker might seem to be something complicated for a newbie, when he starts playing this game, he will remember everything very soon.

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