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Tips to organize the best home Poker games and tournaments

Probably, most people played or play cards with the family members, and home Poker games can “turn” a room into a real mini-casino with its winners, losers, guys that bluff excellently, and players, who win thanks to their own strategies.

Meanwhile, having the deck with 52 cards is not enough. Some other things must be counted as well.

How to organize home Poker games

Playing home Poker games with buddies could be a great plan for a weekend. However, before inviting friends, there are a few things to keep in mind for a smooth game.


To fully different Poker games to play at home, it is best to invite 5-9 players. Fewer players are not recommended and more would not be advisable for a 52-card deck. Therefore, the guy, who invites other people, should check if the table is big enough for all players to sit comfortably. Another important detail is the surface of the table.

He must examine how the cards slide over the surface during the throw; if it is too slippery or too rough, it is not convenient to hand out the cards. While it may not seem like the most significant trifle, it does get annoying over long hours of play. It’s also a bad idea to have a very reflective table that can reveal cards to an opponent.

Chip Set

If a person is thinking about home Poker games, it is highly recommended to invest in special Hold’em Poker chips set that include also a deck of cards: it will be enough for simple Poker tournaments at home. With a chip set, one will get a good card deck that is comfortable to use — it will be the same as in casinos.

He will also receive casino chips that are the most important feature in a game like this (aside from the deck of cards, of course), and I’ll explain why. Casino chips provide players with capital to have different face values, depending on which limits they play. This means that a gamer can have lower or higher limits depending on the company.

Game options and variants of Poker

One can play home games Poker various options like a tournament play and cash game. Tournaments at home are better. When dealing with them, usually everyone has a longer playing time for the same amount of money. Another important reason for the tournament game: it regulates how much a person can lose. Of course, cash games are also a good match for domestic games, however; better that no one has to go home heartbroken.

The best Poker games to play at home that can be also chosen include:

  • TX Hold’em with 2 cards open initially and 3+1+1 cards later. Hold’em home Poker games are chosen most frequently;
  • Omaha with 4 hand cards initially;
  • Classic Stud with 7 cards, etc.

This entertainment can help people not only spend time in a smart way but also get new friends.

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