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The FAQ on what is a Flush in Poker

It is impossible to imagine a card player who cannot answer the question that sounds like: “What is a Flush in Poker like Texas Hold’em?” Most online gamblers used to start playing this game at home, with usual paper or plastic cards.

Almost nothing has changed when Poker has become one of the best-rated entertainments, and when the winners of Poker tournaments started to bet millions. To understand what Flash is, it is always advisable to start with the values of the cards: all of them.

What is a Flush in Poker game?

If somebody asks you the question of what is a Flush in Poker, it is better to explain to him the value of each card in the game. In brief, “2” is the smallest card, while Ace is the biggest one. However, on Poker, mostly cards combinations, called hands, mean much. They start with a High card and a pair (2 cards of the same value as a couple of Queens) and finish with the coolest ever possible hand called Royal Flush.

The possibility to get the best combination is minimal as the probability that a hand of a gambler will have it is 0,0002% only. This hand beats all the other ones and it is collected from 5 cards starting with 10 (Ace is the last card in this hand). The cards’ suit, in this case, is not considered. It can be said that Royal Flush is the improved version of the lower combination called Flush that involves 5 cards of one and the same suit.

Here, the cards’ value does not matter. Now, when even the question sounds like “What is a Royal Flush in Poker?” answered, it is needed to give here the information about other good Poker combinations.

Types of Poker Flush

Flush always involves 5 cards. The following “Flush” types are considered:

  1. Flush. This is the lowest combination of these “flushes” that has any cards with one suit. The suit color never matters so a Clubs Flush and Spades Flush have the same value. This hand beats all hands under it (from Straight to 1 highest card);
  2. Straight Flush. Here, 5 cards appear again, but they form a consequence (from 7 to Jack, for instance). Again, the suit never plays its role;
  3. Royal Flush. This is an unbeatable hand that has 5 cards from 10 to Ace. All of them must have the same suit. Suit value does not work like in Preference, for instance. Spades have the same value as Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds. As it was mentioned already above, the chance to collect Royal Flush is really close to Zero, but it exists, reaching 0,0002% probability.

The FAQ about Flush combinations in Hold’em

The most often asked questions concerning the best hands in this game include the following ones:

  • What is a Straight Flush in Poker?
  • What is a Flush in Poker and does it beat Full House?
  • Can 2 players at a table both get a Royal Flush?

All of the combinations mentioned above refer to Hold’em, but they should be remembered as they work for Stud and Omaha as well. In reality, there is nothing difficult in these card hands. Like with the human hands with 10 fingers, there are 10 possible combinations there, and Royal Flush is the top one.

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