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Best starting hands in poker to play online

Why the best starting hands in poker is an excellent path to win the game?

There are varieties of different slot games that can be played online for real money. However, lots of individuals would agree that the most thrilling games are poker slot games like Deuces Wild and its alike. Players behind the table are allowed to play the standard 52 cards deck, have the right to choose, which cards to hold and then do the maximum effort and pray for Royal Flush to come to fruition.

The slot poker games are more exiting to play as some of its rules would allow replacing a certain card by a deuce and craft the winning hand combination instantly.It also contributes to the list of best starting hands in poker, that means no matter whether a player would require a King, a Queen or perhaps even an Ace, the simple deuce can become virtually anything hence it increases the chances of winning almost every game.

Additionally, the percentage of winning combination or RTR –return to the players are usually set to 97-100% for every slot, therefore the chances of winning by playing the slot poker games are increased right from the beginning to the unprecedented level!

Definition and types of poker hands

Right in accordance with the rules of the poker, any player initially has a set of five cards that is often referred as hands. A hand is usually ranked within its category, where the rank of cards is used starting from Ace, King, Queen, Jock, Ten and to the lowest.

When it comes to the best wining combinations, the best poker starting hands in order to get the maximum advantage are referred to the Royal Flush or in other words ace starting straight, where the above mentioned combination is regarded to be the best combination for almost any type of poker games.

There are also other poker hands that can be distinct and used in the game. More importantly, it is crucial to know as many hands combinations as possible in order to pull out the maximum out of the situation when hands needed to be raised, called or to fold depended on the position.

For instance, the best starting hand in Texas Holdem poker can be referred to other types of poker too, which includes:

  • Full House, where three cards that are held are of the same rank and the other two of different matching rank: K,K,K, 10, 10.
  • Four of a Kind, where four cards of the same rank and the fifth is the “kicker”: 8, A,A,A,A.
  • Flush, where all five cards have the same suite for instance crosses: Q,8,6,4,3.
  • Straight, where all five cards go in a sequence but suites may be different: 2,3,4,5,6.

There are also can be other hands combinations, which include: Three of a Kind, One Pair, Two Pair and High Card.

Strategies to win

There are varieties of different strategies that can be implemented whilst playing slots poker online. It provides the list of best starting hands in poker, so that the possibility of winning is very high.

Lots of specialists in the game would agree that the best strategy is to get the right hands combination right from the beginning or to fold the cards and swap it for the others, so that the chances of getting the right combination are very high. Here are some examples of employing strategy for slot poker games:

  • Try to get the Straight Flash, which is consisted of the five items of identical status and goes in numerical order. The highest rank of the sequence will definitely win in the event of a tie.
  • Do maximum effort to get the full house, which is consisted if three the same ranks and two matching ones. So in the event of the tie, three matching cards will win the pot.
  • Make sure you get Two Pairs, which is consisted of two matching ranks and two others of the other two matching ranks. In the event of the tie, the heist pair will win the game.
  • If you get one Pair, which means that you will have two cards of matching rank as well as there are going to be three cards of other unrelated ranks. The highest one will win the game but at the same time the second highest, the third highest; fourth one and the smallest cards can be used to break the tie.

There are also plenty of other strategies that can be used in online slot poker games.

Which strategies should worth to risk and why?

There is a list of best starting hands in poker strategies that can be implemented and the risk of such implementation is clearly justifiable.

The strategies of collecting:

  • Full House often leads to the win because the value of three matching cards has the higher probability of winning because the combination of highest value of two matching ones wins.
  • Collecting Four of a Kind hand combination is also regarded as a strategy to succeed as the highest four of a kind wins. So, if you have four aces the pot is yours!
  • Getting the Straight will also contribute well to winning chances because five cards in a sequence will give an excellent opportunity to get the heist one in a sequence that will win at the end.

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