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Texas Hold’em Poker – Beginner Game Rules

No-Limit Texas Hold’em (Texas hold’em) is the most popular type of poker. In order to start playing Texas Hold’em, you need to learn simple rules. As in and in other types of poker, the game begins with boarding. The number of players behind him may be different, from two to ten participants, and you can choose any free space. In poker, the positions of the players at the table move clockwise. In order to avoid confusion, a special marker, called “Button” or “Dealer”, is the nominal position in both online poker and casino, it is used to determine the players’ positions at the table and passes each hand to the next player in a clockwise direction.

Table activities

All poker hands begin with mandatory bets. Before the cards are dealt, two players who are to the left of the button are required to post small and big blinds. The sum of the small blind is half the size of the big blind. We need these rates in order for the distribution participants to have something to fight for. If we are talking about playing cash, the size of the blinds is determined by the chosen limit, which is played at this table. Traditionally, the table limit is referred to as 100 big blinds, i.e. at the table NL10 ($ 10 No Limit) the blinds will be 5s and 10s. Thanks to the obligatory rates, there is always money in the bank.

Then each player receives two cards face down, from which the game begins. In Hold’em, as in most other types of poker, a player can do several different things:

CHECK – if there is no bet in the current betting round, the player may check. In this case, the move proceeds to the next active player, sitting on the left. A check does not mean a refusal to fight for the bank; it is only a refusal to make a bet in the current round.

FOLD – refusal to continue the struggle for the bank in response to a bet (bet) or a raise from an opponent. In this case, the player’s cards go out of the game. The player who made the fold can no longer make bets and participate in the current hand.

BET – if there is no bet in the current betting round, the player can make a bet. In this case, it sets the price for the continuation of the game. Players behind him can fold (fold), call a call (call) or raise (raise). The minimum bet in the game is equal to the big blind.

COLL – if a bet was made in the current round, a player can accept it by calling and adding the same amount of chips to the pot, equal to the bet or raise of the last player.

Raise – if a bet is made in the current round of trading, the player can raise it by making a raise. To do this, he must make a bet greater than the last player’s bet. To qualify for a pot win, all of the following players must accept or raise (re-raise) this raise. Otherwise, they can only fold their cards (i.e., fold). In no-limit hold’em, the size and number of raises is not limited by anything.

Circles of Commerce (Streets)

All these actions are taken by players in Hold’em as part of each of the four rounds of trade, or, as they are called, the four “streets”:

Preflop The flop Turn River

In each round, the trade continues until the person to the right of the last player to bet or raise. When the turn returns to him, the next round begins or the hand draw ends if all the players before him choose to fold.


After the players have received their cards, each of them can refuse to fight, making a pass, continue the game, making a call in the size of one big blind or raising in the size of at least two big blinds. The first to speak is the player to the left of the big blind. Then the word moves to the next player in a clockwise direction. If there was no raise before the flop, the big blind is the last to act. If one of the players raises, the game will develop according to the scenario described above, until all players have their say.

At the end of the trade round, all bets made by players are collected in one common bank, for which the struggle will continue on the next street.

The flop

This round of betting begins with the end of the preflop. There are three community cards laid out on the table called the flop. These cards can be used to make your own hand, but you cannot take them in your hand or change your cards to the flop cards – they are available to all players who continue to fight in the hand.

Flop bets start with the first active player clockwise from the button. The button last acts on the flop (unlike preflop). The players have access to the same actions as preflop, however, if no one has bet before, the player can check by passing the turn to the next player and not putting anything in the bank.

After all the players have said their word, all bets placed are added to the current bank.

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