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Rules of poker: game types and which hands are better to keep

Rules of poker, short game overview and the winning hands list

In every online and real live casino, you can find several types of poker. The popular card game has captured the whole world and is popular with millions of players. First of all, let’s consider what poker options exist:

  1. Texas Hold’em. The most popular version of poker. Tables can be found in live and online. World tournaments are constantly held. Simple rules, easy game for beginners.
  2. Omaha High. Most often, it is simply called Omaha. The second most popular poker game, the rules of poker are similar to Texas Hold’em.
  3. Seven Card Stud. This option was very popular among professional players before the advent of Hold’em. During the game, you can see the number of cards in the opponent’s game.
  4. Razz. The rules of this game are the opposite of our usual poker. To win, you need to collect the lowest combination.
  5. Five Card Draw. The easiest poker option, which is more suitable for fun than for serious play.
  6. Deuce to Seven Triple Draw. Another game the goal of which is to collect the lowest combination of cards. A lot of action, easy to learn.
  7. Badugi. The most unpopular version of poker. Unlike regular poker, each player receives 4 cards.

These are the main types of poker that can be found in online casinos. Let’s check the basic poker rules of the most common game – Texas Hold’em.

Guide on how to play poker

Players start to play poker online and sit at the game table. There can be 2-10 players at a table at the same time. At the beginning of each round, one player acts as a dealer. This position is called a button and is passed from player to player clockwise at the beginning of each game. The two players after the dealer are called the big blind and the small blind. These two positions are required to bet in the amount established by the table limits before the cards are dealt.

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The rules of poker at the beginning may seem complicated, but in a couple of games you will quickly figure it out.

So, the round has begun and all players receive two cards each. After the cards are dealt, the first betting round begins in a circle to the left of the big blind. Each player must fold (discard your hand), call (place a bet according to the big blind) or raise (increase the bet).

After a round of bets, 3 cards are laid on the table face up – the flop. The betting circle starts again clockwise. Each player can check (skip a turn), bet, call and fold.

At the end of the second round, a fourth card is placed on the table – the turn. The betting circle is repeated with the same rules.

After it, the last fifth card is laid out on the table – the river. The last bets are made, players open their hands and the player with the strongest combination takes the pot.

List of winning hands in poker

According to the rules of poker, at the beginning of each round a player receives two cards. Especially for you, we have made a poker hands list of the strongest ones you should always play with:

  1. Pocket Aces. Obviously, the strongest combination possible. Feel free to raise preflop.
  2. Pocket Kings. Top 2 combo that can bring you victory.
  3. Pocket Queens. Like the previous two combinations, this is the top 3 hand with strong kickers.
  4. Ace King suited. This combination is superior to pocket Jacks because it can bring you royal flush or full house poker with kicker.
  5. Pocket Jacks.
  6. Pocket Tens.
  7. Ace Queen suited.
  8. Ace King offsuit.
  9. Ace Jack suited.
  10. King Queen suited.
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Any of these hands need to be played. With the first 5 hands, you can immediately raise preflop and force other players to increase pot. We wish you winning hands, full house cards and royal flushes!

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