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Poker hands ranked: different ways to win.

Features of poker hands ranked

All poker hands ranked in order: from the royal flush and straight to pairs creates full picture of the gameplay. They make gamblers understand who is the winner. Each professional competitor should know all of them.

What are the traditional Poker Hand Ranks

Let us start poker hands ranked to use cheat sheet introduction. Here is the list of them with description:

  • Highest card. Weakest combination. It comes when there is no even a single one combination and gamblers should find out who is the winner. For example, one of them has an ace, and another guy – King. Ace is always the winner, just because it has the highest rank.
  • Pair. It is two same rank cards. For example, two ten. In this situation, someone who has a pair with the highest rank is a winner. So, two Kings are a more powerful combination than a pair of ten. Suit means nothing (it could be different).
  • Two pairs. It could be a combination of two different suit cards with the same rank. Higher rank brings victory.
  • Three cards of a different suit in one rank. For example, it could be a trio of Kings.
  • Straight. The combination which includes five cards which comes rank by rank. For example, it could be six, seven, eight, nine and ten with different suits. But a gambler who has straight with the highest card rank always wins.
  • Flush. It is five cards with one suit. They shouldn’t come rank by rank. The example of flush: seven, ten, King, ace, and Jack of diamonds.
  • Full house. Combination of three one rank cards plus another two another one rank cards. For example, it could be three ten and two Kings. Suits mean nothing.
  • Four of a kind. It is four available cards with one rank in one hand. For example, four Kings.
  • Straight flush. This combination means that gamblers should collect five cards rank by rank in one suit. For example, it could be six, seven, eight, nine and ten of diamonds.
  • Royal flush. It is the most powerful combination which should include cards rank by rank till the ace in one suit. For example, it could be ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of Spades.

What is poker hand trainer and how to use it

Before learning about how hands are ranked in poker in pre-flop, it would be nice to understand the mechanic of the game. The thing is that poker chips and cards are in the croupier’s hands. It means that gamblers can’t trick. So, here the only two available supports: practice and skill of combination’s calculating. This is when poker trainer comes. It is a program that can train skills.

As you can see, poker depends on luck. But at the same time practice shows that it is possible to get fortune by experience.

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